Photo by Rodney Chen –

The San Francisco Dogfish have earned a reputation over the past several years as a team that never gives up, and this week’s Throwback Thursday is the perfect example of just that.

The Dogfish were battling a four-point deficit to the Seattle Rainmakers when Andrew Hooker cut and got the disc to initiate the play around the San Francisco 34-yard line. Turning his eyes downfield, Hooker saw teammate James Sheridan breaking toward the end zone, with Seattle’s Brad Houser a few feet behind and closing. As Hooker’s floaty toss began to descend, Houser cut in front of Sheridan, breaking his focus and causing the veteran to bobble the catch. Refusing to give up, Sheridan dove for the falling disc, completing the reception on second effort. Getting back to his feet, Sheridan found teammate Raj Maitra, who had been trailing the play a few yards behind, in the end zone for the score.

While the Dogfish would end up losing that day, it was plays like Sheridan’s that kept the Dogfish in the game, and in many more like it in 2015. (BOXSCOREWATCH GAME)

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