Photo by Natalie Bigman-Pimentel –

Over the past two seasons of MLU action, Gabe Saunkeah has been the focus of the offense for the San Francisco Dogfish. Since joining the Dogfish in the 2015 season, Saunkeah has lead the team in scoring, goals and assists. A dominant hybrid player, Saunkeah has not only played at an elite level during his MLU career, he has also made his teammates better.

In Week 9 of the 2016 MLU Season, Saunkeah was awarded the Friction Gloves Catch of the Week for his 4th quarter score against the Seattle Rainmakers. Down several goals in the final quarter, the Dogfish knew they had to score quick to make a run at the victory.  Working the disc down the sideline, rookie Daniel Naruo, eventually a finalist for Rookie of the Year, saw Saunkeah moving towards the end zone with a step on his defender.

Looking for the goal, Naruo launch a high looping backhand that floated across the goal line. With a little too much air under the disc, Saunkeah had to slow down a bit, allowing his defender to chance up. With the defender between himself and the disc, the veteran Saunkeah timed it perfectly, leaping and skying his defender for the goal.

The Rainmakers would hold on to win, but Saunkeah yet again proved he would do whatever was needed to help the Dogfish offense score.


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