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The San Francisco Dogfish had a disappointing season in 2014.  After winning the Western Conference in 2013, the team failed to overcome roster turnover missed the playoffs in 2014. Coming into their third season in 2015, the Dogfish looked to get back on the right track with a victory against the team that supplanted them as kings of the west – The Vancouver Nighthawks.

On MLU’s 2015 Opening Weekend, the Nighthawks and Dogfish were set kick off the competition out west. The two previous conference winners both came out firing, matching each other point-for-point as the game progressed, with the score knotted at 11-11 heading into the final quarter. Coming down to the final quarter, both teams dug deep, but one had to come away victorious.

The Dogfish jumped out to a lead in the fourth and looked to hold on and secure the win. Pinned deep in their own end zone, the Dogfish looked to work the disc down field and keep possession. Swinging the disc from the near sideline to the far one, rookie Tommy Adams broke deep, leaving his Vancouver defender in his dust.

Not wanting to pass up the chance to get the disc away from their own end zone, Adam’s became the target of a massive huck. While the pass appeared at first to be long, Adams kicked in the afterburners and dove forward, snatching the disc and pulling it in for the catch.

Maintaining possession, the Dogfish were able to hold on to their lead for the win (BOXSCOREWATCH GAME), while Adams was recognized with Catch of the Week honors from the league in his MLU debut.

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