Dogfish faithful, get ready to see Ryo Kawaoka, Patrick Baylis, Evan Boucher, and all your favorite players on Fox Sports 1.

On November 17, Fox Sports 1 will feature Major League Ultimate in episode seven of The Jones and Moseley Show.

Hosted by former NFL linebacker Dhani Jones and Olympic gold medalist skier Jonny Moseley, the international sports show transports viewers across continents to witness championship play, record-breaking feats of athleticism, and “pioneering events currently shaping today’s global sports landscape.”

The extended segment will chronicle the rise of Ultimate in recent years, and will also include the layouts, big plays, and professional competition only found in the MLU. In addition to league footage of the inaugural season, Jones and Moseley will focus on the 2013 Championship Game between the San Francisco Dogfish and Boston Whitecaps.

The Jones and Moseley Show featuring Major League Ultimate airs on November 17 at 8:00 PM (EST).

During the show, show your support of the MLU by using the hashtag #MLUonFS1 and the Twitter handles @JoMoShow and @FoxSports1.

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