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The San Francisco Dogfish (1-5) return home to Berkeley to take on the Seattle Rainmakers (5-2) at Yellowjacket Stadium.

The Dogfish prepare to head into their seventh game of the 2016 season at home this Saturday in Berkeley, looking for their second win of the year.

Your San Francisco Dogfish have made it back to the Bay Area and are ready to make some waves. This Saturday, June 4 at 3pm the Dogfish will take on the Seattle Rainmakers in the second of their three game season series. However, your ‘Fish are looking to change the tides and mix things up this Saturday after a loss to the Rainmakers last weekend in the second half of their northwest double-header that saw them go 0-2.

We’ve been seeing the Dogfish under rookie Head Coach Jason Seidler make tweaks and adjustments all around these past two weeks as they try to knock the Rainmakers off a 5-game winning streak. The defense will be missing playmaker Jamie Sheridan this week, while the offense will be without  Colby Chuck and Andrew Riggs.

Not to worry though!

In typical Bay Are fashion, our bench rolls deep. Coach Seidler will still have Gabe Saunkeah ready to keep the offense flowing with big appearances by Daniel Naruo and Andrew “Chowder” Goldstein. Defense will be maintained by Thomas Pineda,  the incredible Devon Williams and Nick Fiske. It should be a pretty darn good fight.

The Rainmakers are making the long haul down to the Bay after a successful match last weekend against the Vancouver Nighthawks. Their 20-11 win allowed them to showcase their dominant defense with over half of their points (11) being breaks. Cam Bailey has been making his presence throughout the league by landing the 5th most blocks in the MLU with Evan Klein only a single block behind. This proved to be problematic for the Dogfish in their last matchup with the Rainmakers scoring the most of any team in the league.

This will be a royal you don’t want to miss, so get your tickets now! Can’t make it out to the game? Catch the game live on MLU Live!

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