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The 2015 season was a down year for the Dogfish, as they failed to reach the MLU playoffs for the 2nd consecutive season.  There were plenty of exciting moments however, including the 2 times that Dogfish players were honored by the league with Play of the Week distinction:

Week 1 Friction Gloves Catch of the Week

Thomas Adams | #3

As the wind bounces the disc all over the sky above Yellowjacket Stadium, Adams covers over 30 yards for a one-handed layout.

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Week 3 Friction Gloves Catch of the Week

James Sheridan | #7

After a sky-high huck, James Sheridan wins the initial battle against his defender but is unable to hold on. Sheridan stays lows, tracks the disc and hauls it in. He then pops up for an easy throw for the score.

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Both the rookie Adams and veteran Sheridan are pieces of an increasingly effective Dogfish roster that looks to make significant strides back into playoff contention in 2016.

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