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When someone says trainer, what comes to mind? A quick fix on the sideline or between games? Rolls of pre-wrap, stacks of ice packs and an encouraging word? That’s not the picture Dr. Molica Anderson would paint of her role.

“I like to think that I do more than just tape ankles,” said Anderson. “I go to practices, manage injuries and rehab athletes to get them back on the field.”

Anderson was the trainer for the San Francisco Dogfish in their first MLU season. In fact, it seems the Dogfish were part of her destiny.

“One of my goals after graduating in March was to work with a professional team. I heard about a pro league in the Bay Area and applied with Woody [Dogfish General Manager Chris Sherwood]. Rocky Beach put in a good word for me, too.”

Anderson brings an impressive education and array of experience to the team. She graduated this spring with her D.C. (Doctor of Chiropractic) from Palmer College in San Jose, regarded as the best sports chiropractic school. She’s a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist/Coach. She’s also certified in first response, CPR, kinesiology taping, the Graston® Technique and more. Anderson has worked at a variety of sporting events, including the North Face Endurance Challenge, U.S. Half Marathon, Sea Otter Classic cycling competition and lacrosse tournaments.

In addition to her professional credentials, Anderson is an avid Ultimate player. From 2005-2009 she played on the University of California San Diego women’s team, Psychos. For the past three years she’s played with the Bay Area mixed club team American BBQ, who went to Nationals last year and lost in the game to go this past season.

The Dogfish kept her busy during their season, and she also served as the team physician for the San Francisco open club team Revolver. In fact, she will be traveling to Italy next summer with the Nationals champion Revolver squad for the World Ultimate Club Championships. When she’s not fixing ailing Ultimate players or captaining American BBQ, Anderson works at Marin Chiropractic and Sports Care, goes surfing or just enjoys spending time in the city. San Francisco may already be home to many diversions, but the Dogfish were a happy addition this year.

“Working with the Dogfish is a dream!” said Anderson. “It’s a professional team full of great people and motivated athletes.”

Now she’s taking her expertise and observations from the Dogfish season and sharing it with you. Over the next few weeks, check back here for Anderson’s advice on injury prevention and management to keep you healthy, or help get you back on the field!

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