Jim Moltzen always wanted to work with high-level athletes, which is what brought him to the San Francisco Dogfish as their trainer for 2015.

Moltzen played a little bit of ultimate here and there, but never competitively. After watching the team go through their paces for a couple of practices, he said, “It looks like we have a great group of guys, and it seems like there’s a lot of chemistry and competitiveness within the players.”

He is looking forward to seeing the players motivate each other to do better and play harder. “I think it’s going to translate well into our season,” he said.

For someone who envisioned working with elite athletes all through his time in graduate school and after, it appears Moltzen’s dream is realized with the Dogfish, “to be able to contribute in a way that helps the team succeed.”

Moltzen is a chiropractor and works full time at an office in downtown Oakland. His entry into the profession was inspired by his own experience.

“Growing up, I got hurt in high school playing a sport and that’s how I got into chiropractic care,” he said.

When he’s not fixing ailing ultimate players, Jim likes to play rugby and go for hikes. Look for him on the sidelines when the season starts on April 19!

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