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Later today the San Francisco Dogfish play the Portland Stags at Hillsboro Stadium outside of Portland. The Stags currently lead the Western Conference with a 3-0 record.

Know Thy Enemy

When the Dogfish and Stags last met on April 26, the Dogfish trailed by one or two points before the Stags pulled ahead in the second half and the Dogfish rallied back. The downfalls for the Dogfish in that game were taking risks with the wind, missteps on offense and allowing the Stags to control the clock. After being down by five at one point in the game, the Dogfish lost by three–the closest of Portland’s three wins to date.

The Dogfish will have less wind to contend with in today’s game, which will be to the advantage of both teams. San Francisco defense continues to be strong, and should be able to neutralize Portland’s biggest deep threats. With a bit more playing under their belt now, the Dogfish should also be able to capitalize better on connections on offense. The one thing San Francisco needs to be vigilant is about is Portland’s clock creep—that late-in-the-game steady run of points that leaves the opposing team in dire straits with little time to execute effectively.

People Power

The Dogfish and Stags both have deep rosters. Although the Stags will be missing the steady hands of Eli Friedman today, they have plenty of talent to fill the gap.

The Dogfish will be missing David Abram, who’s in a three-way tie for second in the league in blocks, and his fellow defensive handlers Bryan Cheng and James Yeager. San Francisco will also be missing offensive handlers Andrew Riggs and Matt Kissman. In the past these kinds of absences have been the perfect opportunities for new San Francisco stars to shine, and should make for some exciting plays in today’s game.

The action starts at 1 p.m. PST and Fish Faithful who aren’t making the trip to Portland can follow the action on Twitter and check back here for the full game video.


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