Later today the San Francisco Dogfish play the Seattle Rainmakers at Renton Memorial Stadium in Washington. The Dogfish are 0-2 against the Rainmakers this season.

With their loss to the Vancouver Nighthawks yesterday the Dogfish are out of the running for the Western Conference championship, but can still stir things up in the west with a win today.

The two teams have their primary strengths on the opposite side of the coin. The Rainmakers have a squad that specializes in offense. Mark Burton is tied for second in the MLU in points and is third in goals. The team overall has a 91 percent completion rate, just edging out the Dogfish at 90 percent. But the Rainmakers are more efficient with the disc. bluehost They have less than half the number of drops (27 to San Francisco’s 45) and 30 percent fewer throwaways (49 to San Francisco’s 63). The Dogfish, on the other hand, are formidable on defense. They have one player, Andrew Hooker, in the MLU top ten for blocks, and as a team have 91 blocks to Seattle’s 79.

Look for Seattle to play to retain possession and secure another win to further solidify their run for the Western Conference championship. With nothing to lose, look for the Dogfish to take more risks with big crowd-pleasing plays.

The game starts at 1 pm. If you can’t make it to Renton, follow every exciting play on the live feed on !


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