On Saturday the San Francisco Dogfish play the Vancouver Nighthawks at Thunderbird Stadium in Vancouver. It will be the second time in a week the two teams face each other on the field.

Strength in numbers

Plagued by injuries this season, the Nighthawks played the Dogfish in Berkeley last week with a relatively small squad. Their numbers look similar for this week’s game, although they will have handler Ted Chu and scoring sensation Brendan Wong back on the field.

The Dogfish are traveling with a good-sized roster, and are going into this game with both the physical edge of slightly stronger numbers and the mental edge of having defeated the Nighthawks in their previous two matchups and the knowledge that the Nighthawks have not yet won a game at home.

Despite some solid handling and the indefatigable efforts of Morgan Hibbert, the Nighthawks struggled a bit last week where wind and weariness may have played a role. They fell behind then went on short runs to keep the game close. Look for the Nighthawks to try to gain and maintain a lead over the Dogfish to avoid having to play catch-up when they have fewer bodies to battle it out on the field. Look for the Dogfish to go for a repeat of last weekend: go up early and run through the roster till the clock runs down.

In it to win it

At this stage, every game is critical for even a shot at the Western Conference Championship game. At 1-6, the Nighthawks are working against the odds and, at 3-5 the Dogfish need to win against the Nighthawks on Saturday and the Seattle Rainmakers on Sunday to keep themselves in the running. All three of these teams are dependent on the others’ losses to some extent, but as former conference champions, look for the Dogfish and Nighthawks to play a hard game for pride and redemption as well.

The game starts at 6 pm. If you can’t make it to see this exciting matchup in person, follow the live feed on Twitter.


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