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The San Francisco Dogfish face the Portland Stags later today at Yellowjacket Stadium in Berkeley at 2 pm.

With a 1-4 record the Dogfish have slipped to fourth in the Western Conference. Every game remaining this season is critical to not only building a stronger team, but fighting for a spot in the conference playoffs. At this point it comes down to basics, and here are the three basics for today’s game:

Own Your Offense

With new talent on the field this year the Dogfish have been trying some new things. What hasn’t changed is the team’s inherent skill with the disc. When they play the game that suits them best—quick, smart swings and patient play till there’s a downfield opening, they score. Look for Gabe Saunkeah, Nick Weiss and Mike McGuirk to help the team in that regard.

The wind at Yellowjacket Stadium has not been a friend to this at times in recent games, causing swings to go wild and high or dive sharply, but the Dogfish need to adjust to make the conditions work for them rather than adjust their play altogether.

Defeat by Defense

The Dogfish defense is a thing of beauty. In addition to the efforts of individuals like David Abram, the team instinctively flows in and out of effective double-teams and stifling man-on-man defense. The challenge has been conversion once on offense. Look for Andrew Hooker, Taylor Cascino and James Yeager to bolster the team’s efforts on possession. Abram is out this week but the team has Sam Adamson and Thomas Adams to make a mark on defense.

Capitalize on Overconfidence

The Stags are coming into this game undefeated. Although they’ve had some close moments over the course of the season, they’ve managed to come out on top. And with their snagging of the offensive and defensive plays of the week last week for Timmy Perston and Topher Davis, respectively, their confidence is high.

But a change in fortune could derail Portland’s current ticket to the playoff game. While the Stags play to keep their opponents at bay, the Dogfish need to leverage Portland’s blind spots in that regard, stay tight and close things out with the scoring runs they’ve demonstrated in the past.

Will the Dogfish pack take down the mighty Stags herd? Don’t miss a minute of the action—buy your tickets here.


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