On Saturday, the San Francisco Dogfish meet the Vancouver Nighthawks for the second time this season. The Dogfish are looking to add another win to their record and the Nighthawks are looking to win a game on the road.


The Dogfish went 3-0 against the Nighthawks in close matches in 2013, but suffered a big 26-15 loss to them in the second week this season. The Dogfish now stand at 1-5. In turn, the Nighthawks had been favored to take the Western Conference title this year, but are currently 2-2 and third in the conference. The Dogfish are coming off a bye after a double-header loss two weeks ago. The Nighthawks are coming off a 29-23 win against the Seattle Rainmakers after losing to them the week before. Both teams are hungry for a win this weekend.

Windy O and the D Machine

San Francisco’s Boxer Stadium is notoriously windy and unpredictable. It only aids the Dogfish defense, which can wreak havoc even in calm conditions. The Nighthawks have reportedly been concentrating on their zone offense and defense in recent weeks, however, so look for both teams to clamp down and be conservative during gusts and open things up as opportunities arise.

Vancouver won their game against the Rainmakers through a series of breaks and tough defense, particularly in the third quarter. The Dogfish usually make their offensive surge during the second half of games, so it will be interesting to see which team can hold on to the end.

Peter Yu was a formidable part of the Nighthawks’ recent win through defense, and Morgan Hibbert can also be expected to try to take down Dogfish discs. For their part, the Dogfish will need a team effort, including more defensive plays from Sam Adamson and Evan Brydon to counter Brendan Wong, who currently leads the league in points with 30.

Coming out on Top

The last time the Dogfish and Nighthawks faced off, San Francisco was down a significant chunk of its roster, playing on the road and on the second day of a double-header with a tough loss the day before. This time the Dogfish squad is solid in numbers, playing on their home field and has had more time to address their conversion issues from early in the season.

What worked for the Nighthawks previously was going up early enough that Dogfish scoring runs late in the game didn’t disrupt their lead. The Dogfish need to set and maintain the pace of this game, let the wind and their defense do what they do best, and convert quickly. They’ve shown in other games this season they have the ability to command more than just the second half, and every player on the team has been tested and is ready to make this win happen for San Francisco.

Come see all the action live at Boxer Stadium. Game starts at 2 p.m. and you can buy your tickets here.

Can’t make it to the game? Watch it online in real time on MLU Live.


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