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The San Francisco Dogfish (1-6) were unable to defeat the Seattle Rainmakers (6-2) in their second of three contests this season with a score of 12-20.


The Dogfish had quite a weekend, taking on Seattle at home in the second of three times they will face the Rainmakers this season in a row. The beginning of the game generated excitement, with both teams coming out strong and trading points, ending the first quarter tied at 3-3. In the second quarter, the Rainmakers began to find holes in the Dogfish’s offense, scoring four consecutive breaks. Brad Houser found the end zone 5 times with many other Rainmakers achieving 2 goals each. By halftime, Seattle had effectively created a 5-point lead. 

While 5 points is a decent lead, it’s not too much ground for a team to make up. The Dogfish only needed a more disciplined offensive flow to get more numbers on the board and allow their stellar defense to do their job. We saw big plays from Seattle’s Evan Klein and Steve Gussin in this half, creating big defensive plays that showed the Dogfish hadn’t found a way to maintain the disc during pivotal moments- Seattle was utilizing breaks steadily. The Dogfish defense held strong, but were unable to capitalize on Rainmakers turnovers in the same fashion. While Taylor Cascino and Gabe Saunkeah both pulled in 3 blocks apiece with many other Dogfish claiming at least 1 block, the Rainmakers still saw 11 breaks to the Dogfish’s 1.

The Dogfish are out of the hunt for the 2016 MLU playoffs.  However, it’s not over until Dougie the Dogfish sings. We still have one more game against Seattle next weekend up north in the Emerald City where we hope to see the tides change. The Dogfish have one more shot to prove they have what it takes to bring a win back home to the bay area from a Seattle matchup. With the right tweaks and adjustments, this is a real possibility.

The Dogfish’s 2016 season finale is schedule for this Saturday, June 11 at 6:30 PM PT at Renton Memorial Stadium in Renton, Washington. Tune in to to see your ‘Fish battle it out one last time.

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