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The Dogfish prepare to make history by hosting the first cross-divisional game in MLU history against the New York Rumble this Saturday at Yellowjacket Stadium.

San Francisco, let’s get ready to RUMBLE!

Your very own San Francisco Dogfish (1-2) are about to make MLU history this Saturday as they host the first regular season cross-divisional match-up in league history as the New York Rumble (1-5) come to town. Also a first for this season, the Dogfish are projected to have a dry home game with a few celebrity appearances from the sun, so pack some SPF35 and grab a seat. You’re in for a wild ride.

This game is much more than a league-first for the Dogfish; it’s the first time they will face a new opponent since their second game this season. In fact, the Dogfish are the only team in the MLU to play less than 4 games and only 2 opponents, one of which being the MLU juggernaut Portland Stags. San Francisco’s roster runs deep, with a handful of young, springy players ready to make waves and show some incredible athleticism, which requires more playing time and facing more opponents. The divine Daniel Naruo made a statement last week with 4 goals and a block while James Yeager locked down 4 assists and a new updo for his man bun, driving the ladies wild. This Saturday sets the stage for these ‘Fishies to show you what they can do.

The New York Rumble are also coming off of a tough loss to the Philadelphia Spinners last weekend. New York has already lost to Philly three times this season, also making them hungry to take on a new team. While their offense seemed to flow nicely, their defense didn’t quite match the Spinners, recording only 3 blocks and allowing a decent gap in the score. However, this doesn’t mean the Dogfish will have it easy. The Rumble have a secret weapon: the earth shattering asteroid from Armageddon, Mike Tyson at the end of “Mike Tyson’s Punch Out!”, the man who makes the boogeyman check his closet before going to bed… Marques Brownlee. Brownlee leads the league in blocks and has a defensive game that has been known to seriously cause problems for offenses… like “Charlie Sheen just found the open bar” kind of headaches. The Dogfish will have their hands full with this one.

There’s also a rumor the Dogfish’s own Thomas Watson has challenged Rumble to a post-game dance off. So if you haven’t already gotten your ticket for this Saturday’s game at 3:00pm at Yellowjacket Stadium in Berkeley… the time is now.

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