On Thursday, the San Francisco Dogfish unveiled the 2014 Puma away jerseys for the second season of Major League Ultimate.

The kits feature our familiar Dogfish on the hunt atop a white jersey. Designed for professional athletes, these Puma jerseys come equipped with performance engineered fabric and an ergonomic fit.

“Rather than simply printing the home jersey graphics on a different color, we wanted to experiment with alternate logos and patch placements,” said MLU Creative Director Matt Sewell. “We’re really excited to hear what the fans have to say about these away designs.”

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We want to hear from our Fish Faithful! Let us know what you think of the new design in the comments.

4 Responses

  1. Trey Rodgers

    As a fan of ultimate and the normally eccentric designs of uniforms the sport brings, I have to say that these puma jerseys all around are a huge let down. First of all, they lack creativity. A logo and number with the entire rest of the jersey being white is extremely bland, and does not create a product that is enjoyable to wear or see. For marketing, it will be harder to sell basically a white shirt than a colorful, unique jersey (last years was more than acceptable). To promote the MLU, you want people to stop and look. To catch a potential consumer’s eye, these puma jerseys are not capable of doing that. I love the MLU, but as a fan, I would not purchase these jerseys. I can take a white t shirt and put the Dogfish logo on it myself, and practically have the same product. Although I feel that the partnership with Puma and other brands is a good thing, and I understand why it was done business wise, these jerseys are just lackluster. If these were not Puma, and were instead some no-name brand, these would never take the place of last years jerseys. In conclusion, I feel these uniforms as a whole are a major step back for the MLU, and negatively impacts players, fans, and the MLU alike.

    • Michelle Mellon

      Trey, thank you for your comments–we appreciate the feedback. This year’s designer, Skip Sewell, notes, “we
      opted to go for a clean design similar to the type found in other pro sports teams.”

  2. MrNeal Hoellwarth

    After reading Trey’s comments, I have to agree with his assessment. Having played for the flying circus, I can assure you everybody knew who we were on the field. I think a uniform, even one geared towards appeasing the masses, should show more creativity and style. This is vanilla, vanilla, vanilla. Hire somebody that knows something about uniform design.


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