San Francisco welcomed back offensive cutter Evan Boucher to the the 2014 roster on Thursday as they begin to sign pieces from last season’s playoff team.

Boucher was selected as the team’s Most Valuable Player for 2013. Designated as a cutter on offense, he proved his skill repeatedly as a receiver, thrower and strong defensive player.

“I’m looking forward to building upon our experience last season as the Western Conference Champs, and going for a repeat,” said Boucher. “We’ll probably see some personnel changes this year, but I’m confident in the talent and athleticism of the Ultimate community in the Bay Area.”

Dogfish Head Coach Justin Safdie expressed his own confidence in Boucher’s abilities. “I’m ecstatic to have Evan back on the 2014 team. He contributes on both sides of the disc and is a fan favorite with his amazing athleticism.”

In addition to collecting MLU titles, Boucher’s disc hopes echo those of the Dogfish leadership and the league. “As an organization, I hope we continue building our fan base by promoting this game we adore.”

With Boucher’s signing and their upcoming open tryouts, the Dogfish have begun securing the team they believe will retain their Western Conference title and compete again for this year’s MLU Championship.

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