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Meet David Abram, a defensive powerhouse who’s ready to lead the Dogfish.

David Abram was first introduced to Ultimate in the summer after his freshman year of high school. In a low-key, no-rules pickup game with his brother and his brother’s friends, he learned the basics of throwing, catching, and strategy. Each summer, as the guys came home from college, David kept learning more and growing as a player.

Then it was David’s turn to play in college, rules and all. He took the field in Illinois from 2004-2008, then as a grad student at Stanford. He played a season in Santa Cruz before settling in for the past three years with San Francisco’s Boost Mobile open team.

David was aware of the attempts to establish a more professional image for Ultimate, but with so many different organizations in the mix “it seemed like there was a lot happening all at once.” When he learned about the MLU expansion to San Francisco and the Dogfish tryouts, he was on board from the start.

“The combines were interesting,” says Abram. “I had done them before at college but not like that, with starting a team from scratch. It was a lot of fun competing with the top guys in the area.”

On the field, David says he’s a defensive player at heart. His strengths lie primarily in covering handlers and in his understanding of the game. On offense he stymies his opponents with the two F’s: fundamentals and footwork.

As the start of the season approaches, David is looking forward to “playing with a mix of players against the top competition.” And, he adds modestly, “being on a professional team from the start.”

For David the Dogfish experience is about taking the game to the next level, but not necessarily about personal glory. “We’re bringing more exposure to Ultimate to the public at large. Our sport is ready to be taken seriously.”

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  1. Radmila Abram

    David is indeed a leader, very passionate about Ultimate and player from the heart. In his own way he appears low key. I believe that he is he is a great addition to San Francisco Dog Fish, and will give all his got>
    I hope that we can come and see him play
    Radmila -mom

  2. The Arnfish

    David once attacked me with a Nerf dart gun. The ferocity and commitment he held in his eyes nearly made me pee myself. I suspect that all the teams who play against him should be supplied with ample Depends undergarments…


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