The San Francisco Dogfish will be moving across the Bay to play their 2015 home games at Yellowjacket Stadium in Berkeley, Calif.

The stadium is located on the campus of Berkeley High School and, as part of a South of Bancroft Project for the school, underwent renovations that were completed in 2012. The refreshed facilities include a 2,705-seat stadium, artificial turf field and a dedicated concessions building.

In addition to the facilities, the move to the East Bay provides the Dogfish with an opportunity to further expand their fan base. Berkeley High School has a strong youth ultimate program, is close to UC Berkeley and its celebrated ultimate program and enables the team to engage more young families as supporters.

And, of course, there’s the weather. Kezar Stadium and Boxer Stadium, the two San Francisco stadiums the team called home in seasons one and two, were infamous for their windy conditions. The Berkeley location is less windy and more temperate—a plus for getting fans into seats and keeping them there for the whole game day experience.

“We appreciate the fan base we have in San Francisco and have enjoyed the past two seasons playing in the city,” said Dogfish General Manager Rusty May. “As we continue to expand the general public’s understanding of, and appreciation for, professional ultimate, we saw this as an opportunity to enhance the experience for players and fans alike, and build some new partnerships at the community level.”

The stadium is conveniently located three blocks south of the downtown Berkeley BART. The entrance gates are at the intersection of Milvia and Bancroft. Street parking is restricted, but three parking garages are within a five-minute walk of the stadium. Visit our Directions page for more information on getting to the games.

All five home games will be on Sundays in 2015: April 19, April 26, May 17, May 24 and June 14. Season tickets are on sale now. Take advantage of deals on base packages and VIP specials, and join the Fish Faithful in Berkeley to cheer on the Dogfish in their new home.


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  1. Peggy Pollard

    Sounda like a great move, a bit further away for me but now my hat won’t get blown off every game. Goooooo Dogfish! Goooooo little nephew James Pollard!!!!


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