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The San Francisco Dogfish lost to the Portland Stags on Sunday, 23-17, at Hillsboro Stadium outside Portland.

Following a 1-1 tie early in the first quarter, the Stags controlled the game, with leads over the Dogfish ranging from two to seven points. Both teams had strong defensive plays, but the Dogfish had more unforced errors that left them without consistent scoring runs and too far behind to challenge the Stags’ points advantage.

Despite missing a chunk of their handing talent this weekend, the Dogfish had several players who were a boon to the team’s stability. These included handlers Gabe Saunkeah (3 goals, 2 assists), Thomas Lassetter (1 goal, 2 assists and a game-leading high of 42 throws with a 95 percent completion rate) and Mike McGuirk (2 goals, 3 assists and 23 throws with a 100 percent completion rate—one of only two players in the game to achieve this).

San Francisco cutters Evan Boucher (2 goals, 2 assists), Andrew Goldstein (2 goals, 2 assists) and James Pollard (1 goal, 3 assists) also contributed to the team’s flow and quick plays.

The Stags spread the play broadly, with 80 percent of their squad on the board for goals, assists or blocks. Standouts include Timmy Perston (6 goals, 1 block), Benjamin McGinn (3 goals, 3 assists and the other player with 23 throws and a 100 percent completion rate), Peter Woodside (3 goals, 1 block) and Tyler Cable (3 assists and a team-leading 33 throws with a 97 percent completion rate).

In the first quarter the Dogfish got the break on the first point, then struggled through two stalls, a drop and Stags defensive pressure. Portland went on a five-point run before San Francisco started trading points and ended the quarter behind at 6-3.

The second quarter saw the Stags called for three fouls, and the first point of the game that lasted more than a couple of minutes. The Dogfish were able to bring the score within two points before the Stags pulled ahead again and ended the half ahead, 11-7.

Portland had a couple of small runs in the third quarter, but the Dogfish never scored more than two in a row. It was during this period that the Stags pulled ahead to their largest lead in the game, keeping the Dogfish at bay by seven points on a few different occasions. The game entered the fourth quarter with the Stags holding a comfortable 18-11 lead.

With the exception of two consecutive points scored early in the final quarter, the Dogfish traded points with the Stags until time ran down, never coming closer than six points and ending the game with a disappointing 23-17 loss.

Next weekend the 1-3 Dogfish host the Seattle Rainmakers (1-2) at Yellowjacket Stadium in Berkeley. Buy your tickets here.


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