The San Francisco Dogfish lost to the Seattle Rainmakers 18-16 on Sunday at Renton Stadium. The loss leaves the Dogfish 1-2 against the Rainmakers this season and marks their fifth consecutive loss.

The Rainmakers went up early and often to take the half 12-5. The Dogfish battled back in the second half and brought the game within two points with 2:13 remaining, but couldn’t convert several opportunities for another score.

In this game, the “D” in Dogfish was for “drops.” San Francisco suffered through five of them and an unsuccessful bobble in the first half, then three drops at critical times in the second half—one with less than 20 seconds left in the third quarter and two with less than a minute to go in the fourth.

The Dogfish were missing nearly half their roster but showed how every player on the squad is ready to step onto the field. After a great day yesterday against the Portland Stags, Sam Adamson delivered again today (four goals, one assist, one hand block). James Yeager, winner of last week’s Innova Pulsar Throw of the Week award, had four assists and Matt Kissman broke out from behind the disc to score three goals.

San Francisco held off Seattle at times with some tough defense and airborne battles, but Matt Sewell (three goals), Reid Koss (three assists), Eddie Feeley (three assists), Rory Gallagher (three assists, two goals) and Donnie Clark (2 assists, three goals) kept things flowing for the Rainmakers.

The Rainmakers came to this game ready to rumble, rattling off three scores in the first four minutes. Following a combined four turnovers by both teams, the Dogfish got on the board in the next point, but Seattle sallied forth to take the quarter 7-2.

In the second quarter Seattle was relentless, holding San Francisco to only three goals. The Rainmakers scored five, and took the half with a comfortable 12-5 lead.

The tide looked as though it might turn in the third quarter. With several uncharacteristic drops by the Rainmakers and dogged determinism by San Francisco, the Dogfish got four breaks and scored six points to the Rainmakers’ three. Seattle entered the fourth with their margin narrowed to 15-11.

Both teams traded for the first half of the fourth quarter, with each team earning a break. Then a flagrant foul call on Danny Trytiak gave the Dogfish another break and at 18-16 they were two points away from another overtime situation with Seattle. Instead, the Dogfish forced the turnover and dropped the disc, got a block and…dropped the disc. Time ticked away as the Rainmakers held onto the disc, sealing their win.

This game ends a double-header weekend for the Dogfish. They head into a bye week with four regular-season games remaining—against the Vancouver Nighthawks on May 17 and June 21, and the Stags on May 31 and June 7.

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