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The Dogfish (1-1) host the Stags (5-0) tomorrow, looking to avenge their 18-12 loss from just two weeks ago.

Your very own are preparing to host the  tomorrow at 3pm, for a back-to-back battle after a loss in Portland in Week 3.

It’s ain’t over until the fat lady sings, and she has definitely asked for seconds.

The Dogfish are flipping the tables and hosting the Portland Stags tomorrow, a reversal of their last game hosted by the Stags up in Oregon. With another bye week to give the Fish fresh legs, the Stags are in for a decent fight.

Portland has done a good job of staying on top of their division thus far with 5 wins and 0 losses. Players like and appear multiple times on the league’s leaderboard among multiple other Stags, making them a clear and dominant threat. However, with key Stags like , , and Tad Jansen are reportedly inactive this week, so the Dogfish will have some wiggle room to re-enter the Game of Leaderboard Thrones. (It’s a show we’d all watch; don’t tell me you wouldn’t.)

While Portland is without several major contributors, the Fish will get several back who did not make the trip to Oregon. With , , , and several more Dogfish returning to the lineup, the Stags will be facing a much deeper roster this week.  One name that Dogfish fans will be looking to see out there tomorrow is , the team’s leading scorer, who is listed as questionable with a leg injury.

However, 67% of stats are made up on the spot so don’t let these numbers sway you too far. While they are currently taking up more real estate in the statistical leaderboards than the Dogfish, the Stags have played 5 express vpn games this season, while the Dogfish have only played 2. Even with the odds seemingly stacked against them, some Fish are still giving the Stags a run for their money with significantly less playtime. With 3 less games played, is tied for second most blocks in the conference, only 3 less than the leaders, Hayes and Woodside.

While the true identity of this “El Nino” guy has yet to be revealed, he surely doesn’t like outdoor sports. He’s bringing the rain again this evening in Berkeley which could go into tomorrow, causing a slip n’ slide effect on the field and more discipline with the disc for both teams.

Get out to Yellowjacket Stadium at Berkeley High School tomorrow at 3pm and see your Dogfish as they try to rain on the Stags’ parade!  Get your tickets .

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