The San Francisco Dogfish (1-8) will end their 2016 regular season just how they began it, facing the Vancouver Nighthawks (1-8) at home.

San Francisco is prepared to wrap up their season by hosting the Nighthawks at home in a game to determine final rankings in the western conference.

This Saturday marks the last game of the season for the  Dogfish here at home in Berkeley. The boys have fought relentlessly game after game and made us proud, but they aren’t done just yet! This game will determine who comes in 3rd and 4th place in the Western Conference standings for the regular season, and the Dogfish are not going down without a fight.  

San Francisco is coming back from a doubleheader last weekend, having faced the Seattle Rainmakers and the Portland Stags. Even though we weren’t able to secure a W, we saw some amazing play from multiple ‘Fish. Taylor Cascino completely dominated the field with 4 goals, 4 assists and 17/18 on throws against the Rainmakers. However, he’s not the only one who will keep the Nighthawks on their toes. The ever evolving Gabe Saunkeah had 4 assists and went 35/35 on throws Sunday against the Stags, making him one of the biggest obstacles the Nighthawks’ defense will have to tackle. Saturday’s game will be missing a few exciting faces, including James Yeager, Devon Williams and Shane Tracy. While these are strong players we love to watch make great plays, the roster rolls deep.

The Nighthawks had quite the game the last time they faced the ‘Fish, pulling out their first win of the season. The defense was where we really saw the Nighthawks step up their game. Erik Hunter and Taylor Nadon both forced turnovers while Graeme Barber also had a block along with helping the offense flow nicely with 5 assists. While this was enough to defeat the ‘Fish last time, we’ve seen from previous games how well the Dogfish have been able to fight back. Their first match up saw a solid win from the Dogfish, making this the 3rd time these two teams will face off. Both defense and offense will need to keep a steady pace to take home the win and end the season on a high note.

This should be a good showdown, seeing as both teams are 1-8 this season. Whoever wins this game will come out on top not only in the score but in the final rankings. Go Fish! Grab tickets now! Can’t make it out to the game? Watch all the action at

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