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The San Francisco Dogfish (1-6) travel north to take on the Seattle Rainmakers (6-2) and Portland Stags (7-1) for a late season doubleheader.

Your boys are back at it this weekend as they travel up to Seattle and Portland for their 3rd and final game against both the Rainmakers and the Stags in 2016. These two teams have proven to be a good match for the Dogfish, proving that the ‘Fish will have to work hard to bring home some Ws to the Bay Area this weekend. Skill and talent run deep on this roster, and the Bay Area will see this weekend if Coach Seidler has been able to bring it all together in his rookie season.

The Dogfish will be missing a few bodies on the roster during this double header. Big names like Eric Shaw, Jamie Sheridan, Nate Young, Colby Chuck, Alex Cloud and Andrew “Chowder” Goldstein will not be in attendance, leaving a few holes on both offense and defense. Not to fear, dear San Francisco. Offensive handler Andrew Riggs assures you, “Our team is well rounded and deep at most positions, so we should be OK missing a few guys in different positions. We’ve had good practice attendance so everyone knows our game plan pretty well.” 

You also still have superstars Taylor Cascino running deep with “Tom Tom” Lassetter making waves on offense. Also, who could forget the Dogfish giant Gabe Saunkeah, throwing goals like Oprah on her Favorite Things episode?

The Rainmakers have a response to our hometown heroes as well. We’ve been seeing a few of their names on the leaderboard week after week, and those names will likely be what decides this game on Saturday. Brad Houser and Evan Klein have proved to be forces the Dogfish had to reckon with this season, so we will have to see what Coach Seidler can put together to thwart them in Round 3.

Sunday brings another round MLU powerhouse and King of the Wests: the Portland Stags. This team has proven time and time again that they know how to create big leads and run with them. The Dogfish have given them a run for their money in a few first halves, but the Stags thrive in the second. If you’re curious who’s defense will give the Dogfish a run for their money the most, you’re looking at Peter Woodside and Topher Davis. However, the Dogfish will have their hands full one particular player who has been dominating games on both offense and defense. I’m sure you won’t miss him, but be sure to keep an eye out for Raphy “BOMB” Hayes. This man seems to know no limits. It is decided.

Tune in to Saturday, June 11 at 6:30 PM PT to watch your very own Dogfish swim in the rain up in Seattle, and Sunday, June 12 at 3 PM PT to see your boys take on the Stags.

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