After winning the MLU Western Conference last season and finishing second in the league, the Dogfish find themselves in last place halfway through season two. We asked Dogfish Head Coach Justin Safdie about his team and where they stand.

How would you describe your state of mind at this point in the season?
“I’m disappointed with the results so far this season, but I don’t think our record tells the whole story. I don’t feel we’re outmatched by any of the other teams in the division and we could just as easily be 5-1 as the 1-5 that we stand at today.”

What will be your focus for the remaining games?
“I want to win out. I believe that’s an attainable goal and I would not be surprised to see us end the season at 5-5.”

How would you characterize this season for the Dogfish to date?
“We’ve been plagued all season by slow starts and consistently playing from behind. We’ve been a second-half team, though, so it only stands to reason we’ll have a stronger second half to the season.”

How would you characterize the Western Conference this year compared to last year?
“There seems to be more parity to the conference this year.  A couple of mistakes or a couple of great plays in any game can determine the outcome.”

Looking back—if there was one thing you could change about strategy or circumstance for the first half of this season, what would it be?
“Playing 6 games in 22 days was circumstantially difficult. It didn’t give us a lot of time to make strategic adjustment before the majority of the season was behind us. Strategically, I would like to have cultivated a consistent ‘down-by-3’ attitude to try and address our early game struggles.”

The Dogfish look to start their second-half season comeback this weekend, when they host the Vancouver Nighthawks at Boxer Stadium at 2 p.m. Buy tickets here.

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