In their season opener on April 20 the Dogfish proved they could draw a big home crowd. In fact, they topped the MLU in attendance that first weekend with 1,300 people.

There was music, dancing, painted chests and fans who mused, “I can’t believe it…pro Ultimate athletes!”

The stands weren’t just filled with diehard players and Dogfish families, however. A woman sitting in the front row leaned over to her son before the game got underway and said, “This is cool. I like the atmosphere.” In her hand she held a printout of the Dogfish’s Non-Player’s Guide to Ultimate and referred to it as the action unfolded and the crowd helped buoy the team to victory.

That’s the spirit of community the Dogfish want to capture with every game, and they know a lot of that energy lies with local youth. The team is honoring the next generation and the evolution of the sport with a “San Francisco Dogfish Celebrate the Future of Ultimate” theme for this Saturday’s game, which takes place at Kezar Stadium in Golden Gate Park.

Prior to the game, Dogfish staff and players will conduct a clinic for young Ultimate players who want to build basic skills or take their game to the next level. The clinic fee includes entrance to the Dogfish game. Those who are interested in the clinic can find more information here.

Following the second quarter there will be a “Rising Stars Halftime Game” showcasing the talents of Bay Area Ultimate youth (and potential future Dogfish players!).

If you attended the first game you have an idea of some of what’s in store:

Food: Concessions and popular burger vendor Doc’s of the Bay will be on hand to keep fans fueled.

Fun: Led by our high-spirited mascot Dougie, we’ll have the t-shirt cannon, mini disc toss and a new game to challenge the coordination of a few brave fans.

Friends: After the game, join players, staff and other fans at Kezar Pub across the street. The pub welcomes kids, and Dogfish fans get a 20% discount on drinks and food.

This week’s game against the Seattle Rainmakers could very well be a preview of the playoffs to come, promising fans young and old a great show of top-level Ultimate. The MLU has chosen it as the featured game of the week, so don’t miss your chance to see the action first-hand. Tickets are still available and the game starts at 7 pm.

See you at Kezar!



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    I’m interested in signing my son up for the clinic.
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