In less than three weeks the Dogfish will take the field in their opening game of the 2013 MLU season. When the Dogfish first come face-to-face with the Portland Stags, it will be at Boxer Soccer Stadium in Balboa Park.

The stadium was named for Matt Boxer, a USA Soccer Federation Official and Hall of Famer who was a champion for soccer and the need for soccer facilities. In honor of that legacy, the San Francisco Soccer Football League, Golden Gate Women’s Soccer League, and the San Francisco Stompers all play here. The stadium has also hosted premier rugby matches and lacrosse games.

Boxer Stadium is located at 2100 San Jose Avenue and is part of Balboa Park, one of the oldest public parks in San Francisco. The park is home to ball fields, a swimming pool, tennis courts, and a new playground. With so many available activities and events, the park also offers an easy alternative to parking—it is conveniently located only a ½ mile from the Balboa Park BART station.

The Dogfish play their April 20 and May 18 games at Boxer. The remaining home games will be played at Kezar Stadium in Golden Gate Park. By capitalizing on the spirit and tradition of high-level competitive play at Boxer, the Dogfish plan to bring yet another memorable sporting experience to this venue.


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