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The Dogfish lost two extremely hard-fought games this past weekend on the road.

BOXSCORE (vs Seattle) – BOXSCORE (vs Portland)

The San Francisco Dogfish (1-8) spent the weekend battling the Northwest in a double header against the Seattle Rainmakers (7-2) and the Portland Stags (8-1). While we didn’t see a win, we did see two phenomenally played games that kept fans on the edge of their seats. Saturday’s game was dubbed as “one of the most exciting games of the MLU so far,” said one Twitter user, showing just how well the Dogfish can pulled together. It was quite a show.

Saturday was a showcase between the Dogfish and the Rainmakers in Seattle. This game started out spicy. The Dogfish came in hot with some of the best offensive flow we’ve seen so far this season. Taylor Cascino and Gabe Saunkeah each had 4 assists, helping throw numbers on the board in epic Dogfish fashion. Jacob “Zip” Serrano and Daniel “Robot” Naruo both had 2 goals apiece, and Cascino didn’t stop with throwing goals – he also caught 4 on his own. The Rainmakers knew they had a serious threat on their hands by half; they needed epic 3rd and 4th quarters to turn this around.  Big plays from Khalif El-Salaam with an impressive 5 goals, 4 assists and 3 blocks got their ball rolling. Dylan Harrington also kept the offense alive by throwing 3 goals himself. While the Dogfish fought hard with 10 holds and 8 breaks, the Rainmakers were able to pull ahead in the second half with 11 holds and 11 breaks, giving them a win over the Dogfish with a score of 18-22.   

Sunday saw another rematch between the Dogfish and the Portland Stags, a team we have seen three times now over the course of the season. This game proved to be a little more difficult with both teams fighting hard and no easy points. In fact, by half time the Dogfish were only down by one. We saw big defensive play by Devon Williams (2 blocks) and Alexander Morris, (3 blocks) keeping the disc on offense for the ‘Fish. Saunkeah did his usual thang with 4 assists to keep the goals coming in as well. The Stags had an answer, however, with Cody Bjorklund, tallying an impressive 2 goals and 3 assists while Brian Penner also added 1 goal, 2 assists and 2 blocks to his numbers. While the game was an exciting matchup, the Stags came out on top with a score of 11-17.

Can’t wait to see your boys in action one more time? The last game of the season is coming up this weekend on Saturday, June 18 at Berkeley Stadium against the Vancouver Nighthawks (1-8).  Both teams will be fighting to avoid the cellar of the Western Conference standings. You can also tune in live at  

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