The San Francisco Dogfish lost to the Portland Stags 20-15 on Saturday in their last road game of the season.

The Dogfish ended the first quarter up by one, but slowly fell behind the Stags in subsequent quarters and were unable to shake the five-point lead Portland built in the fourth quarter.

Both teams matched up pretty evenly on defensive plays. And even though the Dogfish moved the disc well, they were unable to hold onto it. San Francisco had eight drops, while Portland had only one.

James Yeager, who was questionable going into the game due to a knee injury, was a driving force in the Dogfish offense with 45 throws and 2 assists. James Pollard (36 throws, 1 assist, 1 goal), Drew Kim (19 throws, 3 assists, 3 goals, 1 block), Matt Kissman (21 throws, 2 assists, 1 goal, 1 block) and Tyler Grant (18 throws, 2 goals, 1 block) were also critical to the team’s effort this game.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t enough to overcome the Stags’ Eli Friedman (46 throws, 3 assists), Jeremy Norden (33 throws, 2 assists), Mark Burton (18 throws, 1 assist, 3 goals),  Dan Suppnick (17 throws, 2 assists, 2 blocks,) and Cody Bjorklund (15 throws, 1 assist, 3 goals).

In the first quarter, the Dogfish and Stags established a pattern. Each team turned the disc a couple of times, then a Dogfish score was followed quickly by a Stags score. The Dogfish took the first quarter, 4-3.

The Stags scored first in the second quarter, and the Dogfish traded points to alternately tie and retain the lead until the Stags jumped ahead at 7-6. Although San Francisco was able to tie it at 7, the Stags scored quickly, and then scored again. The Dogfish dropped the disc in the end zone and entered the half down by two, 9-7.

By the third quarter it was clear the Stags were going to capitalize on the calm weather. The Dogfish stayed within one or two points at the beginning of the quarter, then the Stags’ lead grew as long as their throws. Despite a couple of quick scores and a hand block, the Dogfish entered the fourth quarter trailing the Stags 15-11.

The fourth quarter began with an exciting defensive series: a layout defense by the Dogfish, a defensive play in the air by the Stags and Dogfish pressure leading to a Stags turnover on a too-long throw. The Dogfish scored, but the Stags came back. Then Grant Cole got a layout block and Adam Ferrea sent the disc to Vinh Bui, giving the Stags their first five-point lead of the game. Although the Dogfish battled back and even brought the game within three points, a bobble, a short pull and a couple of defensive plays—including Portland’s Aaron Adamson on his big brother, Sam Adamson—kept the Dogfish down and unable to close the gap before time ran out.

The loss puts the Dogfish at 2-6, a disappointing dent in their plan to break even for 2014. After a rough on-the-road start to the season, the Dogfish will play their final two games at home.

The Dogfish and Stags face off again next Saturday, June 7 at 2 pm in Boxer Stadium. Buy your tickets here.

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