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The Dogfish (1-2) were defeated at home by the Stags (6-0) this weekend, 26-18.


The San Francisco Dogfish hosted the Portland Stags this past weekend as the Dogfish and the Stags met for the second time in a row, this time here in San Francisco. Rain pattered the turf fields during warm-ups as both teams scrimmaged and got reps in with a wet disc, a pattern that is becoming fairly common for the Dogfish’s home games. However, the Dogfish have some pretty faithful fans, with one group even bringing comically sized poster of Nate Young’s face. You can’t keep these fans away. The good news? Both teams clearly showed up to play and the rain subsided by the end of the first quarter. 

The Dogfish were ready for their hometown rematch with the Stags. Having travelled to Portland in Week 3, the Dogfish welcomed the Stags to Yellowjacket Stadium. While the weather cleared up by the end of the first quarter, the Dogfish planned to make it rain against the undefeated leaders of the MLU’s Western Conference. If anyone was doubting San Francisco’s ability to hang this season, the first half proved the Dogfish are most definitely a threat that can’t be ignored.

The first half of the game was a battle, one in which the Dogfish fought hard with tough defensive and a smooth offense. The Stags pulled out ahead early in the game but never by much, leading by only two points at the end of the first quarter, and four at the half. Deep looks become one of the only viable options for the Stags with players like Daniel Naruo and James Sheridan shutting down in-cuts and removing midfield looks. By the end of the second quarter, the Stags knew they had to change their approach if they wanted to pull away. The Dogfish weren’t backing down.

The second half was when we saw midgame changes coming alive for the Stags. With their midfield options no longer an option, the Stags looked to Aaron Adamson deep in the endzone, coming down with some impressive skyballs and 50/50 shots. Standing at 6’4”, Adamson seemed to play even taller. Cody Bjorklund also pulled in some impressive stats with 5 assists, forcing the Dogfish to become more aggressive on defense. The Dogfish weren’t able to adjust quickly enough this time around, falling short of a victory by 8 points.

Up next for San Francisco is another home game against New York Rumble (1-5), a cross-conference matchup that will bring the very first regular season cross-divisonal matchup in MLU history. Providing the weather cooperates for the first time this season, the Dogfish are looking at the perfect stage to make history with an impressive win.

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