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The Dogfish (1-3) fell to the visiting Rumble (2-5), in the league’s first ever regular season matchup between east and west.


The San Francisco Dogfish made history this past weekend, hosting New York Rumble  in what was the first cross-divisional regular season match in MLU history. Both teams were ready to shake things up, each seeking a victory after a few tough losses that doesn’t really define either team. Even at home with the weather clearing up for the first time this season, the Dogfish needed just a little bit more to pull ahead.

The Rumble didn’t seem to be bothered by the long flight or the time change on Saturday, coming into the game with solid, smooth flowing offense. We saw the Rumble take a strong lead early, which didn’t seem to reflect the level play we saw on the field. The Dogfish put up a strong fight, even with Marques Brownlee doing a decent job shutting down deep looks with some pretty athletic plays. The loss of a deep game forced our boys to play a sound, fundamental under game, which was upset by Rumble’s ability to move the disc quickly after a turn during the first half, sometimes a little too fast for the Fish. By half, we saw a score of 6-12 which is where many other teams may have given up. Not your Dogfish, though; this only made them hungrier with even a little more bite.

The gap began to close in the third quarter, where we saw Nick Fiske turning it up on defense. With 4 blocks and taking part in 4 goals, he lead the Dogfish into a much more heated half. The Rumble suddenly didn’t seem to have this game locked down by the beginning of the 4th quarter, where the Dogfish continued to stampede their way into closing the gap.

By the end of the game, the Dogfish were able to finish with a score of 19-22, meaning a rematch could look much different if this game were to happen again. The second half showed the Dogfish were able to figure out the offensive flow of the Rumble and shut it down, which would have been quite problematic for New York if there was even 5 more minutes left in this game.

Next, San Francisco will head up to Vancouver to take on the 0-6 Nighthawks. This won’t be the first time the Dogfish and the Nighthawks have gone head-to-head with the Dogfish’s previous victory of 21-12 in their home opener. Without a win under their belt, the Nighthawks will likely come in hungry for revenge and ready to play hard ball. We’ll see if the Dogfish still have their number.

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