The Seattle Rainmakers defeated the San Francisco Dogfish 21-20 in overtime at Renton Memorial Stadium on Saturday. Seattle maintained a lead over the Dogfish until the end of the fourth quarter, then held the Dogfish to only one goal in overtime with less than ten seconds remaining.

With seconds to go in the fourth quarter, San Francisco team captain Evan Boucher capped off a second-half Dogfish comeback with a goal to tie the game at 19, forcing overtime and an opportunity to win the first game of their two-game road trip.

San Francisco couldn’t keep the post-regulation momentum as Seattle scored the first two points and maintained defensive pressure on the error-prone Dogfish in extra time to seal the win.

After a season-opening win against the Seattle last weekend, the Dogfish faced the Rainmakers this week with eight fewer players. San Francisco called on the full depth of its remaining roster and players delivered, leading to an exciting final quarter that brought the Dogfish from behind by four, but unable to come through in the final seconds to capture the win.

Boucher was everywhere for the Dogfish with quick feet and steady hands that resulted in four assists and three goals. Standout first-year players included Ian Meyer with two assists and one goal, Aaron Caulfield with one assist and three goals, and Greg Husak, who has been plagued by a hamstring injury, with a solid handling game and three goals.

Adam Simon steered the game for the Rainmakers with Jimmy Chu, Henry Phan, Khalif El-Salaam, Tommy “Fresh” Rosatto and Matthew Zemel dominating the second (and much of the third) quarter for Seattle. San Francisco was more egalitarian in its play-making, with most of the roster contributing on assists, goals and blocks.

The Dogfish played conservatively in the windy and wet first quarter, ending the period down by one, 3-4. In the second quarter both teams took advantage of the lessening wind to take risks with longer throws and hammers, and it suited the Rainmakers enough to take the half 11-9.

In the third quarter the wind picked up and the Rainmakers counted repeatedly on Isaac Entz to bring down their long bombs and maintain Seattle’s possession. Even though the Dogfish were able to break the Rainmakers’ zone, they struggled on efficiency. In the final point of the quarter, the teams took turns on throwaways (five total) before the clock ran out and San Francisco went into the final quarter down 12-16.

At the beginning of the fourth the teams traded points, then the Dogfish went on a three-point run. The Rainmakers answered with two of their own. The Dogfish scored again. On defense, Boucher got a layout block and threw a hammer for the score to put the Dogfish within one point with 48 seconds remaining. A Rainmaker drop at 30 seconds and Dogfish score at six seconds sent the game into overtime with the score tied at 19.

The first point of overtime was reminiscent of the last point of the third quarter: block, drop, block, turnover, score by the Rainmakers. After a Dogfish throwaway to start the second point, the Rainmakers scored more easily, taking their lead to 21-19. The Dogfish demonstrated more patience on the third point, but it took two turnovers by both teams for San Francisco to score. With only 7.6 seconds remaining, there wasn’t enough time on the clock—despite a Rainmakers turnover—for San Francisco to close the gap and beat Seattle.

The Dogfish face the Rainmakers for their third and final regular-season showdown on Sunday, May 4 at 1 p.m. at Renton Memorial Stadium.

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