On Sunday the San Francisco Dogfish take on the Portland Stags at Kezar Stadium. The Stags are the only team in the Western Conference to beat the Dogfish, so both teams have something to prove when they step on the field this weekend.

As if that weren’t exciting enough, the grudge match is the start of a sports double-header, with the Bay Area Breeze professional women’s soccer team taking on the Colorado Rush at 7:00 PM following the Dogfish-Stags game. Admission to the Dogfish game also gets you admission to see the Breeze.

The double-header represents the theme for this week’s game: Promoting Women in Sports. The Dogfish half time will feature a showcase match by the 15-time national champion Berkeley All Blues women’s rugby club.

Although no women are currently playing in the MLU, they are playing across divisions at the club and college levels.  In addition to numerous mixed club teams, the Bay Area is home to three elite women’s club teams: 7-time national champions Fury; Nightlock, who finished in the top 10 at nationals in their first season; and the newly formed Catfish. In addition, the Bay Area Disc Association offers female-friendly mixed leagues and a women’s-only league.

Before the double-header gets underway, fans can  raise a glass in honor of all of these amazing athletes at a tailgate party starting at 1:30 pm on the west side of Kezar Stadium (the farthest end from Stanyan). The tailgate features a beer garden and food truck on site before and after the Dogfish game.

A victory over the Stags would reinforce the Dogfish standing in the western conference, and the location of the conference finals  is determined by the city with the best attendance. The Dogfish are really looking to the fans to come out and show their support this weekend. An afternoon of Ultimate, an evening of soccer, and some rugby in the mix—don’t miss it!

Tickets are still available. The Dogfish game starts promptly at 3 pm, the Bay Area Breeze game starts at 7 pm.




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  1. Duncan Heath

    About women who played Ultimate Frisbee at the games inception, I would like to recognize one of the early players from the 1970’s who played on my high school team (Staples High, Westport, CT 1973) when our undefeated team played Columbia High School which is credited with starting the sport. The record reflects that Sharon Appling of Westport became the first woman to score a goal in competitive play.”Way to go Sharon!” See the two links below for details.




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