After playing six games in only four weeks, the Dogfish finally had a bye this weekend. We asked the players to reflect on a life devoid of disc. Serious, silly and somewhere in between, here’s what a few of them had to say.

Without Ultimate in my life, I would…

“…not have the opportunity to have fun and hang out with this great team!”
Ian Ranahan #1

“… probably eat less.”
Taylor Cascino #5

“…be playing some other sport all the time. Probably basketball – my first job out of college, I was a high school coach in Pennsylvania, and I was pretty seriously considering building a career as a basketball coach. Instead I decided to move to the Bay Area, work in technology startups, and play Ultimate!”
Adam Farren #9

“…be forced to become a Dogfish in the parlor games arena. With a billiards tournament win in Isla Vista, California at the age of fifteen and a cruise ship ping pong championship at the age of sixteen, I feel as though I haven’t lost a step and could hustle local bar patrons out of hard-earned beers on a regular basis. Having successfully performed death saves on multiple pinball machines and fully developed a pull/push shot in foosball, I’d establish my ITSF (International Table Soccer Federation) and IFPA (International Flipper Pinball Association) ratings, proceeding to compete until I reached a Masters status. A Dogfish never sleeps.
Dan Bellinger #12

“…not be living in the paradise of Santa Barbara. Ultimate is one of the biggest reasons I was able to get a research position at UCSB, which led directly to my staff position after graduation. Without Ultimate I also would not have been able to travel throughout the United States alongside large groups of weirdos that I call my friends. I’d also have two healthy knees, two normal shoulders and probably be a bit more pudgy.”
Aaron Weaver #18

“…say goodbye to Seattle, Portland, Vancouver and every other city I have played Ultimate in and travel to cities and countries that have NOTHING to do with Ultimate.”
Nick Weiss #19

“…not be nearly as good at Top Gun high fives.”
Eric Rivera #22

“…spend way more time on my bicycle.”
Chris Hart #37


What about you? How would your life be different without Ultimate?

Keep checking back for more Dogfish Dish, and watch all of your favorite Dogfish players show their love of the game this weekend as they take on the Vancouver Nighthawks at home in Boxer Stadium. Buy your tickets here.


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