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The San Francisco Dogfish recently broke their losing streak and are coming off their second bye of the season. With time to reflect and rally to turn their record around, we asked them to share some general words of wisdom.

The Best Advice I Ever Got…

“… to not just learn, but to learn how to learn.”
Taylor Cascino #5

“…when you are faced with a challenging situation, always try to do the right thing. You’ll know what it is. I think that’s great advice in ultimate, where often when there’s a controversial call we may lose ourselves in our emotions a bit, but if we ask ourselves what’s the right thing to do it’s always to treat our opponent with respect and make the call that we think is fair and right.”
Adam Farren #9

“…finish your checks.'”
Chris Hart #37

“…always ask for help. The worst they could say is ‘no’ and you’re no worse off.”
Drew Kim #6

“…keep your answers short. Less is more.”
Ian Ranahan #1

“…don’t listen to everything the critics say. If they keep telling you what not to do, eventually you’ll run out of things to do.”
Eric Rivera #22

“…don’t worry about income. Spend each and every day working to increase your Net Worth. No more zero days for your mind, body, soul and your future.”
Aaron Weaver #18

“…treat others how you want to be treated. I guess since you hear this advice thousands of times growing up, you tend to ignore it eventually. But it really is some pretty solid advice.”
Nick Weiss #19


Do you have advice to share with the team?

Keep checking back for more Dogfish Dish, and be sure to cheer on the team as they hit the road to play the Portland Stags this Saturday, May 31 at 6:00 pm PT. Buy your tickets here.

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