This week’s MLU Power Rankings are out, and the San Francisco Dogfish have dropped to fourth place in the Western Conference and seventh place overall.

Following disappointing losses on the road to the Seattle Rainmakers and the Vancouver Nighthawks, it’s no surprise the Dogfish scored so low in league estimations this week. Before the pundits push San Francisco out of the playoffs, however, let’s look at what’s been happening.

Lack of talent is not what’s plaguing the team, as demonstrated by the lead-by-example plays from team captain Evan Boucher and key contributions from first-year Fish, particularly last weekend when most of the veteran players were inactive.

Another solid aspect of the Dogfish game is their defense, which continues to stymie opponents and consistently produces turnovers.

It may come down to chemistry. The Dogfish had less than a handful of practices before the season started, and are continuing to find their way.

After Sunday’s loss, Head Coach Justin Safdie noted, “It’s coming along. It’s tough since it’s a different group of guys from last season so it’s taking a little bit longer to gel. But we’re making progress every game and looking better every game.”

This weekend the Dogfish face the Stags, the only undefeated team in the Western Conference. The Stags have played one game and had a bye week. San Francisco has three games under their belt and everything to gain on Saturday. Now that the team is starting to find and make more of their connections on offense, look for them to capitalize on those well-earned turnovers and conquer the final two-thirds of the season.

Fish Faithful are one key to victory! Come cheer on the Dogfish this Saturday at 2 p.m. at Boxer Stadium. Buy your tickets here.



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