The San Francisco Dogfish have announced their roster for the 2014 season.

In addition to the eight players who were already reported as signed for the upcoming season, the Dogfish have another two players returning to the team and 20 new players selected through the combine process.

“Last year we had a large group of talented players that came together to form this team,” said Dogfish General Manager Chris Sherwood. “We’ve kept a core of the squad from last year, and we recruited a bunch of new faces as well as some that will be familiar to Bay Area disc fans.”

The final roster for the 2014 San Francisco Dogfish is as follows:

* Sam Adamson (Allegheny College)
* Dan Bellinger^ (University of California, Santa Barbara)
* Evan Boucher (University of Louisville)
* Tyler Boyd-Meredith^ (Stanford University)
* Evan Brydon^ (University of California, Santa Barbara)
* Taylor Cascino^ (University of California, Santa Barbara)
* Aaron Caulfield^ (University of Pennsylvania)
* Gary Dixon (University of California, Berkeley)
* Adam Farren (Princeton University)
* Tyler Grant (Princeton University)
* Chris Hart^ (University of Colorado)
* Nathan Hurst^ (University of Wisconsin-Madison)
* Greg Husak^ (University of California, Santa Barbara)
* Jordan Jeffery (Stanford University)
* Drew Kim (Vassar College)
* Matt Kissmann^ (Humboldt State University)
* Corey Lee^ (University of California, Berkeley)
* Chris McCarty^ (Stanford University)
* Ian Meyer^ (University of California, Santa Barbara)
* Cody Mills^ (Stanford University)
* James Pollard (University of California, Berkeley)
* Ian Ranahan^ (University of California, Santa Barbara)
* Eric Rivera^ (Whittier College)
* James Sheridan^ (Carleton College)
* Jackson Stearns^ (San Diego State University)
* Kohji Sugioka^ (University of California, Berkeley)
* Mac Taylor (University of Colorado)
* Aaron Weaver^ (University of California, Santa Barbara)
* Nick Weiss ^ (Occidental College)
* James Yeager^ (University of California, Santa Cruz)

^new to the team for 2014

“I’m excited that we have a lot of young and hungry players on board,” Sherwood noted. “The Bay Area is rife with talent, and it’s great that the Dogfish can provide the venue for these athletes to show their abilities.”

Dogfish Head Coach Justin Safdie looked to this recruiting cycle not only to fill spots on the team, but to continue San Francisco’s reputation for a squad with a skill set that runs deep in the roster.

“The addition of Santa Barbara/Bay Area veterans Greg Husak and Taylor Cascino not only brings a wealth of experience and talent to the team, but they helped recruit the remaining core of the Santa Barbara elite to join our ranks,” said Safdie.

The Dogfish kick off the 2014 season on Saturday, April 12 at 2:00 p.m. at Boxer Stadium against the Seattle Rainmakers. Last year the Rainmakers handed the Dogfish their second loss of the season, one week before the Western Conference Championship game. The Dogfish rallied to win the conference, but lost to the Boston Whitecaps in the MLU Championship game.

“I think the team is more eager to prove themselves this year, and that desire, combined with their talent, means good things are in store for the fans,” said Sherwood.

Coach Safdie said, “We’ve drawn a lot of talent from a wide variety of top-tier Bay Area teams, and I’m very excited to see how it all comes together.”

Fish Faithful can see how it all comes together firsthand – tickets for the 2014 Dogfish  season are on sale now. The team is helping fans get in the spirit with a special offer. For a limited time, season tickets for adults are $55 and season tickets for kids are $27.50.

Get your tickets today and check back for team news and updates as we get closer to the first pull of the season on April 12!

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