The Dogfish are proud to announce Chris “Woody” Sherwood as the General Manager for the 2013 season.

A veteran of the sport, Chris brings his international playing and coaching experience to what looks to be shaping up as an extremely competitive Western Conference.

“Chris is a great GM find for the San Francisco team,” says Nic Darling, Executive VP of MLU. “He has all the tools and resources to make a serious contender of the Dogfish in this coming season. I was very impressed in the time I spent with him and look forward to the product he puts together.”

Chris started playing the sport in Pittsburgh in the late 1980s where he got his first taste of organized Ultimate at Carnegie Mellon. He benefited from a great bunch of guys, teammates who were willing to teach him the fundamentals while bringing the team to Nationals. In his 88-89 rookie season, they lost in the semifinals to the eventual champs, UC Santa Barbara.

Upon graduation, he moved to the west coast and played in Lake Tahoe and Seattle before settling in the south San Francisco Bay Area. After bouncing around with various club teams, he played for the Houston Houndz at Worlds in St. Andrews and then continued the following fall with the team. For the next ten years, he travelled to Italy with the Houndz’ Paganello team, No Tsu Oh.

His elite level Ultimate experience continued in Hawaii with Furious at the 2002 Worlds, and then again as the head coach of the San Francisco women’s team, Zeitgeist. After finishing 6th at Nationals in 2009, the team travelled to Worlds in Prague.

A passionate advocate for Ultimate, Chris has served as an observer for more than 12 years. He currently sits on the USA Ultimate Observer Committee as a certified observer and is extremely interested in the evolution of the sport.

“I’ve participated in Ultimate for many years in the alternative ways that it’s been played,” says Sherwood, “and I am excited to be part of a much more professional presentation of it.”

While building his impressive Ultimate resume, for the past fifteen years, Chris has enjoyed a successful career as a technical writer. After working for start-ups and a few years as a freelance writer, Chris now works full-time at Dolby Laboratories.

With only a few months until the Dogfish take on the Stags in their first game of the season, Chris is poised to jump back into Ultimate in a hands-on role.

“I expect the Dogfish to represent the great Ultimate that’s played in the Bay Area,” says an excited Sherwood, “and to advance the sport on and off the field.”

About The Author

Paul has worked in online content, freelance writing and education for the past ten years. A native of Baltimore with roots in Philadelphia and Los Angeles, Paul grew up in a family of Ultimate enthusiasts. He graduated with his undergraduate degree in English from Goucher College in Baltimore and his Masters in Education also from Goucher. Paul was the captain of Goucher College Ultimate and then played with the Philadelphia Area Disc Alliance, Central Maryland Ultimate Association and the Los Angeles Organization of Ultimate Teams. As the Director of Content, Paul handles the online content for the MLU site and eight team sites.

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  1. Chris Fisher

    Great news!

    We played together many times over the years at the UCOPA/Greer game in Palo Alto.

    I still remember your always-one-hand-only snags, as if using both hands was illegal. 🙂

    Is there a practice/game schedule available ? It would be fun to check out the Dogfish in action.

    Best of luck in your new venture ! Chris Fisher


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