This week marked the start of a dream for San Francisco Dogfish hopefuls. After two tough combines and a final selection day on Saturday, the following 23 players were chosen for the inaugural season:

  • David Abram
  • Devon Anderson
  • Patrick Baylis
  • Evan Boucher
  • Will Chen
  • Martin Cochran
  • Lucas Dallmann
  • Adam Farren
  • Tyler Grant
  • Eric Greenwood
  • Jordan Jeffery
  • Ashlin Joye
  • Samuel Kanner
  • Ryo Kawaoka
  • Andrew Kim
  • Beau Kittredge
  • James Pollard
  • Cassidy Rasmussen
  • Nicolai Schlag
  • Kevin Smith
  • Mac Taylor
  • Zachary Travis
  • Russell Wynne


The MLU allows a roster of 25 players. Dogfish Coach Justin Safdie will hold tryouts for college students after their season ends, hoping to add a couple of those players to the roster this year.

The Dogfish will have their first practice on Wednesday when they will conduct an in-depth review of the differences in MLU play.

The Dogfish 2013 season begins on April 20 in a 3:00 PM game against the Portland Stags.

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