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San Francisco announced today that they have signed David Abram for the 2015 season.

Abram was a handler for the defensive squad during the team’s inaugural season, but did not play with the Dogfish in 2014 due to other commitments.

“After a year away from ultimate to focus on finishing up grad school and a start-up,” said Abram, “I am excited to be swimming with the pack again.”

In 2013 Abram had  a 91 percent completion rate during the regular season, and a 100 percent completion rate in the MLU Championship game against the Boston Whitecaps. In addition to his commitment on the field, he participated in local youth clinics hosted by the Dogfish, all while pursuing graduate studies in chemical engineering.

The Dogfish defense has been a consistently strong component of the team’s game, but after a promising start in their first season, San Francisco’s conversions faltered in season two. The return of Abram will add another element of stability to the lineup, particularly if he leverages connections with former Stanford Bloodthirsty teammates.

“David was sorely missed last season,” said Dogfish Head Coach Justin Safdie. “He is every opposing handler’s nightmare and I am very happy to have him back again for year three.”

There are more Dogfish player announcements to come. Check back here for the latest and follow the Fish on Twitter and Facebook.

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